Are you an artist or craftsman? Do you have allergies, travel often? Do you often visit doctors' offices or hospitals?
Do you live in areas where there are forest fires or pollution? If you answered yes to any one of these questions,
the Totobobo Mask is for you.

Folks who live in Salt Lake City, this mask will protect you from the pollution!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

TOTOBOBO MASK - There is NO WAY I was going to stop painting in pastels!

Hi Everybody,

I wanted to tell you about my recent struggle with breathing. For the last couple of months I've been having a hard breathing after painting. I don't think I was blowing on my work, but was tapping the excess pastel into the trash every few minutes. Well, it was getting into the air so much, by the end of the night of painting, I could hardly breathe, and my eyes have been running, red and itchy all the time whether I'm painting or not.

So, I did a search for "masks" and decided, after much research and trial and error with other masks that I bought at Lowes or WalMart, that I'd purchase the Totobobo mask. I just feel strongly about what I am about to tell you. This mask may have saved my life. First, the mask is made out of a rubbery material, so it sticks naturally to your skin. It is a bit tricky to learn how to put it on, but once you've got it, you've got it. Since I found the perfect position on my face for my mask, I no longer have any problems with all...period. My nose has cleared up, my eyes are no longer irritated, I don't cough or sneeze at all any more. It's comfortable and it DOESN'T fog my glasses! I hardly know I'm wearing it! I feel it has given me the freedom to continue using my pastels.

So, because I love this mask so much and want to share it with all of you, I decided to become a representative and sell this mask.

Oh my gosh, I could NOT imagine not painting with pastels. My heart would just die! So, I'm hear to tell you, if you EVER have any breathing problems due to pastel dust, please buy this mask. It will make all the difference in the world and it may just save your life.

Take care of yourself and love yourself enough to prevent any future problems. There is only one of you and you are the only one that can keep yourself healthy.

Love & Hugs,

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